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What I see of climate equals planet of climate I mean I can do that and that's fine. But there's a lot nicer way to do this. Of course with ESX destructuring which is going to look like this will grab what the name will Grabow the climate Grabow the terrain. What other fields are there. Let's take a quick peek at sea climate population is one population and roughly a rotation period to reign with the rotation period and orbital period or rotation period what's the difference. What would you know what the orbital period instead? It doesn't really matter for all intents and purposes but we do planet. So this is the same as saying name equals planet Obstat name but it makes our lives a whole lot easier Learn java Coding From Digital Marketing agencies in Bangalore we can create a div if we did like we did before. Conc new div equals document to create an element of. We can do that or we can do it kind of the different way which is just to kind of construct it as a string and attach that string as you know the inner aged female and building something up as a string like that is a little bit slower than creating elements as we did before.

 But for our purpose, we probably won't even notice the difference so we don't really need to worry about that too much. And I think it's you know it makes more sense to do it this way I'm about to do it at least from a readability ability perspective anyway. So let's see we'll do a planet of equals and we'll use batiks and we're gonna use batiks because we're going to basically construct some kind of ht ml div close off the div and inside the div. Let's say we want a Digital Marketing Company. Each one slashes each one to show the planet name OK. Let's do a quick sanity check just to see what we're generating here Digital Marketing agencies in Bangalore. And it was going to cancel log it actually. It's a log planet of before we go too far I want to make sure that it's working. Ok cool. It is working. We are constructing our dorm elements. OK. So let's carry on. We have each one within the H- we can have a paragraph tag in a closet off and paragraph thé we can say Say the name again name has a climate that finds it's the terrain is terrain a pop of population the orbital period is orbital I think it's orbital period. So you make sure that I have that correct here. OK. So not super flexible but hey we just can generate a generic text node and by the way, this is more of a real-world example that you might do. 

So, for example, you might do affect your quest to your back end and then in your back end code which is where your server is you might request the data from a database and then return it to us. Right, that's why to fetch returns they promised because we want to wait for that to get back to us. You know in this example we're going to use Digital Marketing agencies in Bangalore number planet. But if you have some kind of profile page you might say you know slash API slash profiles slash some profile number and you know this is pretty similar to how it would work in a real-world app. And that means you know if you have a bunch of users in your database you don't want to create a separate page for every user static page. You know you don't want to have to go in and create you know Planetes slash Hauf start tomorrow or planet slash had but it's doable. Now we're just going to generate on the fly when someone fetches the data. We kind of construct a page in javascript and at its core of Digital Marketing agencies in Bangalore 

You know javascript is constructing DOM elements and removing them at other times and it's just kind of a more efficient way to build out an app if you know if we know for example every planet should have a similar profile that allows it's just kind of constructed generic div here that's going to take in whatever fields we need from the object it's past and just kind of generate these dorm elements. Let's see if we can't get this added to the planet div after the button is clicked on. Right, so we did take that out. So my did was Document get ELINT by the id of planets. So let's see what you might've thought your HMO plus equals planet div OK so that's the last line of this function. Let's see what happens if we try to refresh Digital Marketing agencies in Bangalore. 
We will click for planet haha success. Pretty cool right. So we can see no. Or in Earth's climate that is temperate terrain is forest mountains lakes blah blah blah. Maybe we should add days onto the orbital period. But anyway you get the idea. It's pretty cool to be able to do this in a simple way with our and promises and just kind of outsourcing you know our functions to be kind of constructors that you know construct these dorm elements and you know as usual if we inspect this in the elements section look at our divided planets. And here is the divide that we just created. We have a div each one paragraph in it. Pretty cool stuff. And you might notice that weird spacing that's how we spaced it out in our javascript's. Digital Marketing agencies in Bangalore And then you know the browser kind of interpret this rightly so as to kind of eliminating all of that white space which is nice.